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City Council approved an ordinance at its July 27 meeting to place a proposition on the November 3, 2020, ballot for voter consideration. The ballot will read as follows: 

Proposed language for Proposition C for the November 3 ballot:
Shall the City of Creve Coeur impose a sales tax of one-half of one percent for the purpose of providing funding for local parks and stormwater control for the City of Creve Coeur?
Yes _______      No _______

If approved by a majority of voters, the half-cent sales tax revenue will be used to improve and maintain local parks and stormwater infrastructure in Creve Coeur.

Adopted in 2019, the Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a community-driven guide that identifies needed improvements in city parks and includes recommendations for new amenities and renovations, trail system expansion and new recreation facilities. The sales tax would provide funding to implement this plan.

The Stormwater Master Plan, adopted in 2012, identifies problem areas within Creve Coeur where excess runoff causes flooding, erosion and potential damage to properties.

The City’s Finance Committee joined the Parks & Historic Preservation Committee and Stormwater Committee in recommending the measure be placed on the ballot.

The proposed half-cent sales tax is estimated to generate $2 million annually, to be placed in a special fund dedicated solely to city parks and stormwater control. Creve Coeur is one of a small number of cities in St. Louis County that has not implemented the parks and stormwater sales tax.

The Parks and Historic Preservation Committee and Stormwater Committee will host a series of virtual Town Halls on Proposition C throughout September and October. All citizens are encouraged to participate and learn more about Proposition C. 

Next Town Hall
Tuesday, September 22, 2020 @ 9:00 a.m.
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Join by phone: 1-312-626-6799 /// Webinar ID: 865-8473-1566

Quick Overview Park Improvements

Quick Overview:
Recommendations for
Park Improvements
The Creve Coeur Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a community-based plan identifying improvements to city parks for the next 10 years.

Quick Overview Stormwater Control

Quick Overview:
Stormwater Control

in Creve Coeur
The City has identified future priority projects within Creve Coeur where stormwater is causing flooding, erosion and infrastructure damage.

Prop C Virtual Town Halls

Upcoming Virtual Town
Halls for Proposition C

Citizens are encouraged to participate and learn more about Proposition C at the upcoming virtual Town Halls hosted by the Parks & Historic Preservation Committee and Stormwater Committee.

This information was prepared and paid for by the City of Creve Coeur, Mark Perkins City Administrator, 300 N. New Ballas Road, Creve Coeur MO 63141. This information is intended solely to educate and inform residents about a question that may be presented at the polls. It is not intended to advocate, support or oppose the passage or defeat of the measure. Each voter should vote for or against the question based on his or her own judgment.