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Inspection Sequences Continued

6. Mechanical Equipment Inspection

A final inspection will be made of all duct work, venting, heating and air-conditioning systems, exhaust devices and louvers, safety devices and all other mechanical equipment under operational conditions.

7. Final Inspection

A final building inspection must be made after all required inspections are approved, including the final mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire inspections.

8. Supplemental Inspections

The code official may perform additional inspections that, in his judgment, are reasonably necessary to enforce the Building Code.

9. Extra Inspections

The code official may perform extra inspections or re-inspections that, in their judgment, are reasonably necessary due to non-compliance with the building code requirements or because work was not readily accessible when the inspection was requested.

10. Duty to Request a Final Inspection and Obtain Final Approval

Upon completion of the work described in the permit application and on the approved construction documents, the permit holder must request a final inspection and obtain final approval before any occupancy of the building or structure may occur. Failure of the permit holder to obtain final approval constitutes a violation of the Building Code and subjects the permit holder to penalties as set forth in Section 116.4.

11. Temporary Occupancy

Upon request of the permit holder, a temporary certificate of occupancy may be issued prior to completion of the entire work covered by the permit, providing that such portion of the building can be occupied safely prior to full completion of the project, without endangering life or public welfare. The temporary certificate of occupancy may be renewed, at the discretion of the building official, every 30 days for a fee of $65 each month until the final building inspection is approved.

Unless the Building Inspector's schedule permits otherwise, a maximum of one hour per inspection shall be allocated by the city for completing these inspections. Please schedule accordingly.

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