Mosley Road Project


Mosley Road was last repaved when the sidewalk was installed in 2001, and the asphalt pavement is now due for resurfacing. Roadway resurfacing involves the removal and replacement of the top portion of the asphalt pavement, and such repairs are typically required for asphalt roads after 10-15 years. Notable examples of recent pavement resurfacing projects include Ladue Road and Spoede Road. A similar scope of work is envisioned for Mosley Road.

The city has received numerous comments regarding the conditions of Mosley Road since the previous project, most of which have focused on the ride quality of the pavement. Due to these complaints and the observations of city staff, the city hired the engineering design firm Horner & Shifrin to evaluate Mosley and to develop a concept improvement plan. Various options are being considered, including: minor widening to create consistent lane widths, installing curb on the east side of Mosley, stormwater management, improving intersection sight distances, and horizontal and vertical realignment of sub-standard sections of the roadway.

This study is currently underway and is expected to be complete by the end of 2014.

Below, please find links to the exhibits presented at the public informational meeting held on July 29:

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