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To better prepare citizens for crime prevention and general awareness, the Creve Coeur Police Department has invested in a state of the art emergency notification system called CodeRED. This system will allow for faster communication which can be disseminated rapidly. Please be assured we will also continue to use the Crime Prevention E-Newsletter for various notifications.

Emergency Notification System

CodeRED is a FREE emergency notification service provided to all Creve Coeur residents that will notify you of emergency information through phone calls, text messages and emails. The system will be used to keep you informed of local events that may immediately impact your safety. As a local resident, the Creve Coeur Police Department encourages you to take action and register your cell phone for this service and verify your home location during the enrollment process so we may target notifications that directly impact your home or business. Types of alerts includes of alerts include:

  • Missing Children
  • Weather Alerts
  • Emergency Preparedness                              
  • Public Health Crisis
  • Emergency Evacuation Notices
  • Criminal Activity
Additionally, residents and visitors alike can keep track of alerts in Creve Coeur with the CodeRED Mobile App, which notifies smartphone holders of real-time alerts in the area. Similar to the online registration, users choose which notifications they’d like to receive via the app. Authorized city personnel will have access to the ECN Launcher—an app that allows officials to create and send messages on the go from any smartphone or tablet within seconds, without requiring a computer.
Be assured, all your contact information provided to the City of Creve Coeur and CodeRED remains private and will only be used for community notifications. 

Register online to begin receiving updates immediately.


Did you know that we have a crime prevention newsletter? Crime Prevention E-Newsletter is used to keep citizens aware of criminal activities and recent scams reported in Creve Coeur and the Western St. Louis County Region. It is also used to make citizens aware of upcoming programs put on by the Creve Coeur Police Department. 

To sign up for the Crime Prevention E-Newsletter, please visit the e-news sign up