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1. When and where is the PGA Championship?
2. What roads will be closed?
3. What dates (days) and hours will the roads be closed?
4. How many vehicular Resident Hang Tags will I get?
5. When and how will the Resident Hang Tags be distributed?
6. How and who do I inquire/ask for more Resident Hang Tags?
7. How will my family and friends be able to come to my home?
8. Will home maintenance workers (i.e., housekeepers, lawn care) need a hang tag to access my home?
9. Can visitors park on my street in front of my house?
10. Can I have a party at my house during the PGA Championship?
11. Where will I be able to enter the course?
12. Can I walk?
13. Can I bike?
14. Can I rideshare? (Uber/Lyft/Taxi)
15. What Creve Coeur neighborhoods will have Trolley Services?
16. What days and time intervals will the Trolleys run?
17. Where can I park?
18. What effect will the event have on USPS, FedEx, UPS, and other deliverers, as well as Emergency vehicles?
19. Will there be NO PARKING signs along neighborhood roads to discourage/prevent spectator parking?
20. What effect will the PGA Championship have on trash service?
21. What impact will the PGA Championship have on pizza/food deliveries?
22. Will I be able to gain access to my polling place for the Tuesday, August 7, 2018 Primary Election?