Creve Coeur Municipal Court

The Court Office is open regular business hours on Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding city overserved holidays and when court is in session. Additional closures may be posted from time to time at this location as necessary.
 LOCATION - The Court Office is located at the rear of the Government Center. Please use the back entrance of the building to access the Court Office, Courtroom (now being held in the lower level) and the 24-hour accessible vestibule that contains a drop-box for payments and filings.
The Court Office closes several hours before court sessions begin. Phone lines will not be answered while court is in session. Please see our page listing of current court dates. You will not receive a continuance by leaving a message or email. If you are in need of a continuance, see our section on Request a Continuance.

Court Hearings are now being held both in person and virtually 

In accordance with Court Rules and suggested practices, the Creve Coeur Municipal Division will be utilizing both methods of conducting court.

Notices will be mailed to all individuals indicating how their court case will be conducted. Please check your paperwork and online case information to determine if your case is to be held in person or virtually. 

Important information on both types of hearings is located in our menu section.

In-person hearings are open for the public to attend. If you wish to observe a virtual hearing, you may log in at any time.

Please note: The Court has implemented procedures in place to assist with mitigating transmission of the COVID-19 virus. We ask that the public assist the Court and fellow citizens by abiding by any procedures in place. Signs and notices are posted at our location regarding current procedures for those appearing at this location.

You may call our office at 314-432-8844 or check this website for additional information and updates regarding our operations. Please check back often as information is constantly changing as new orders and rules are issued and it does take some time to get information updated and posted. 

When a court date is changed or set for a Webex hearing, notices will be mailed to the last known address on file with the court. As delivery of notices may be affected & court date information for cases is publicly available, please review your case on either of the sites listed for your current court date. Please note it may take a week before the records are all fully updated. You may also call the court office during business hours for court date information.

If you need to change your address with the court, please fill out the required “Change of Address” form.

Due to the volume of cases filed with the court, it may take several weeks for new court dates to be issued to all cases. Please be patient and check back often.