Creve Coeur Municipal Court

While the court office is open for limited business, the office remains CLOSED FOR IN-PERSON CONTACT pursuant to Missouri Supreme Court Order.
The Court Office will be available for questions, calls and other court operations during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. 

Municipal Court Hearings via Zoom

Beginning July 8, 2020, Municipal Court Sessions (Court Dates) will be held in Zoom format in accordance with guidelines established by the Missouri Supreme Court and the 21st Judicial Circuit Presiding Judge.  
  • If your case is set for a Zoom hearing, you will receive a notice at the address we have on file which will contain the Zoom meeting ID number.  
  • No hearings will be in person until such time as posted on this website.
  • Please review our materials regarding these hearings in the menu portion of this site.  
  • Check back often as information and court orders will be updated frequently as we progress thru this new format.  
View Zoom access information for upcoming court dates.

Thank you for your patience during this very fluid and evolving time.

We will not be taking physical documentation or payments in-person at the office until further notice; however, you may use our drop box at this location to file any payments or paperwork. You may also continue to utilize mail services and electronic means for certain documentation. Please review the following information and informational tabs on this website for important information which may be of assistance to your particular need.

You may call our office at 314-432-8844 or check this website for additional information and updates regarding our operations. Please check back often as information is constantly changing as new orders and rules are issued and it does take some time to get information updated and posted. 

When a court date is changed or set for a Zoom hearing, notices will be mailed to the last known address on file with the court. As delivery of notices may be affected & court date information for cases is publicly available, please review your case on either of the sites listed for your current court date. Please note it may take a week before the records are all fully updated. You may also call the court office during business hours for court date information.

If you need to change your address with the court, please fill out the required “Change of Address” form.

Due to the volume of cases filed with the court, it may take several weeks for new court dates to be issued to all cases. Please be patient and check back often. 


Court Hearing Livestream