Request for Records

Court records are governed by Missouri Supreme Court Operating Rules and Missouri Statutes. 

For specific information regarding access to records of the courts in Missouri please review
Missouri Supreme Court Operating Rule 2

Many records are considered public in nature and are available for viewing electronically at or

If you have a need for a copy of your court case record or you wish to obtain information regarding a specific case which is considered “Open or Public,” you must submit a written request for that information. 

Please utilize the
Request for Records form provided.


Some cases are considered “Closed or Confidential” by nature of Missouri Court Rules and Statutory Law. Request for those records must be submitted in writing utilizing the Application to Inspect Closed Criminal Records.

The Municipal Court is only authorized to certify, release records and complete forms as issued by this Municipal Court.

The Court does not have legal authority to complete other agency forms or forms on behalf of another party.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests are completed in the order received. Requests for records may take 5-15 business days to complete depending on the archival nature of the record and volume of requests received. Additional time may apply if the request is not fully completed, is not legible or does not contain the information needed to timely fulfill the request.

If you have questions regarding obtaining court record information, please feel free to call the court office at 314-432-8844.