Citizen of the Year

At the end of each year, the City of Creve Coeur presents the Citizen of the Year award, recognizing an individual who has made outstanding contributions to Creve Coeur. The Citizen of the Year must be a resident of Creve Coeur, owner or employee of a business in Creve Coeur, or an individual who has made a considerable contribution to the city and its residents.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City did not accept nominations for Citizen of the Year 2020. If you have any questions about the Citizen of the Year award, please contact Melissa Orscheln, Public Information Officer & Management Analyst, at

Citizens of the Year 2019

The City of Creve Coeur recognized the volunteer group known as “Team Tappmeyer” as Citizens of the Year 2019 for their dedication and service to the community at the annual Holiday Appreciation Event on Tuesday, December 3, at the Creve Coeur Government Center. Mayor Barry Glantz presented the awards to the group of volunteers at the event honoring all members of the city’s 14 boards, commissions and committees.

Since 2010, the green-thumbed volunteers of Team Tappmeyer have met at Millennium Park to plant seeds, pull weeds and take on projects to beautify the area. This past year, Team Tappmeyer contributed approximately 500 volunteer hours of service.

“The volunteers of Team Tappmeyer have dedicated themselves to making Millennium Park a beautiful public space for all to enjoy,” said Mayor Glantz. “They offer their time, knowledge and energy every Saturday morning to our community, while expecting nothing in return—embodying what it means to be outstanding citizens.”

The volunteers regularly maintain the landscaping along the front of the Tappmeyer Homestead, as well as weed and manage the forest alongside the house, continuously removing invasive honeysuckle and other shrubs. Team Tappmeyer also transformed the previously overgrown landscape by the ballfield into the Native Demonstration Garden there today, where hundreds of native and pollinator-friendly perennials have been planted. 

Volunteers also maintain the vegetable garden behind the Tappmeyer Homestead. Crops are harvested weekly from late April to October, then donated to local food pantries like the Harvey Kornblum Food Pantry and Circle of Concern.

Citizens of the Year 2019
Members of Team Tappmeyer accept the award for Citizens of the Year 2019, including (left to right) Kathy Kruger, Jim Graham, Claire Chosid, Alan Raymond, Mara Berry, and Matt Broderick (not pictured: George Dirkers, Elisabeth Laspe and Pournima Navalkele-Chiawane).