Warrants and Bonds


If you fail to appear on your scheduled court date, a warrant may be issued for your arrest in accordance with applicable laws of this city, state and Missouri Court Rules.


Bond is a cash or cash equivalent deposited as security for any court appearance as a condition of release from an arrest.

If you have a warrant for your arrest issued through the Municipal Court, you may be required to post a bond in order to be released.  Bond amounts are set by the Municipal Judge upon individual case review.

Bonds may be posted with the Creve Coeur Police Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as part of the arrest process. Cash, credit, money order and cashier checks will be accepted.  Other conditions of release may apply.  You will be notified of the full conditions at the time of posting your bond.  Bonds may not be posted with the Clerks of the Court.

If you are unable to post the bond as set, the Municipal Judge may conduct a hearing regarding your financial status to determine how to proceed with your case or may release you on your own recognizance with a future court date.

You may later apply your bond toward any fines and costs assessed or your bond will be refunded once your case is fully disposed of.

Failing to appear as scheduled may result in your bond being forfeited.


It is in the interest of the Court to ensure that all individuals are able to be heard and resolve their outstanding case(s).

Therefore, if you have an active warrant for your arrest due to outstanding cases with the Creve Coeur Municipal Court, you may appear on any of our regularly scheduled court dates without being arrested, held or posting bond.

Only the Municipal Judge has the authority to cancel an active warrant without being arrested. You will not obtain a new court date by calling the court office; you must appear at the court session to speak directly with the Judge.

A listing of court dates in the Court Schedule tab. Please be sure to verify if the hearing is being held virtually or in person to ensure your case gets heard.