Notary Services

City notaries will perform public notary services for Creve Coeur residents and for Creve Coeur businesses for business purposes only.

Charges for notary services:*

  • $2.00 per notarized signature (each time the notary has to use their seal)
  • $1.00 per copy (per page) of documents that have been notarized, or a copy of an original document that needs to be copied for notarizing
*There is no charge for election ballot notarizations.

City notaries will no longer provide notary services for non-residents and will no longer notarize the following types of documents:

  • Any document not written in English (unless written in both languages on same page)
  • Any federally issued document or copies
  • Any state-issued document or copies
  • Any document issued from another country or copies
  • Any mortgage/closing papers for real estate

If your document requires witnesses, you must provide your own witnesses. City employees will not serve as witnesses, for any reason.

The following is information for government agencies to obtain certified copies of certain types of documents:

  • Copies of Missouri birth/death certificates – please contact the Missouri Department of Vital Records: 573-751-6387 - Email:
  • Department of Homeland Security - 202-282-8000
  • Passport – 844-USA-GOV1 or 844-872-4681

To find notaries in the area:

  • Have requesting party google, “notary near me”
  • Contact the Secretary of State’s Office
  • Contact any UPS store – call first, appointment may be necessary