Green Business Program

The Creve Coeur Energy and Environment Committee has developed a Green Business Program to educate, train and encourage businesses in recycling and waste reduction practices.  

The Green Business Program offers guidance to help businesses meet the criteria to achieve Green Business Certification. By incorporating recycling and waste reduction strategies, businesses can become a part of the growing green economy while discovering potential cost savings.

Green Business Certification

The Creve Coeur Green Business Certification recognizes and promotes local businesses making meaningful efforts to reduce their environmental impacts. Creve Coeur businesses that are incorporating three or more sustainability practices are eligible to apply for the certification. 

To apply, submit an online application. The Creve Coeur Energy and Environment Committee will review your application and determine if your business is eligible for certification. Certifications are good for a three-year period.


Congratulations to the Creve Coeur businesses who have received Green Business Certification! The below businesses were awarded Green Business Certification from the Creve Coeur Energy and Environment Committee for incorporating sustainability practices into their facilities and operations, making a meaningful effort to reduce their environmental impact in Creve Coeur.


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