Green Business Certification

The Creve Coeur Green Business Certification is a free program that recognizes and promotes local businesses making meaningful efforts to reduce their environmental impacts. Businesses that are incorporating three or more sustainability practices are eligible to apply for the certification. Examples include: 

  • Effective recycling system
  • Use of high-efficiency lighting
  • Use of water-efficient faucets, toilets, and other water fixtures
  • Alternative packaging to plastic bags and styrofoam products
  • Currently utilize energy benchmarking
  • Use of renewable energy 
  • Native landscaping
  • Composting system
  • Other innovative sustainable practices

If you want to work towards becoming a certified green business, participating in the Green Business Program is a great place to start. Creve Coeur’s Green Business Program is a free resource available to any business looking to be more green. Our Business Sustainability Coordinator will assist your business in incorporating environmentally friendly practices that work for you. If your business fulfills at least three sustainability practices, you will be eligible to apply for the Green Business Certification.

Green Business Certification Logo

What are the benefits?

Being Green Business Certified differentiates you from the rest of the crowd:

  • Businesses will receive a complimentary storefront window decal, showing customers your efforts to operate in an environmentally and socially conscious way. 

  • Customers prefer to buy from organizations that treat the environment as a priority, and employees prefer to work for environmentally responsible organizations.

  • Being certified will offer a variety of promotional opportunities, from being listed on our website and highlighted in our newsletter. You will also be eligible for the Creve Coeur Green Business Award. 

  • Good environmental practices can save organizations money on energy, water, waste collection, and maintenance. Often, the energy savings cover the entire cost of installation within a year.

How do I apply?

  1. Submit an online application. As part of the application, organizations must describe at least three “green” practices that their business is utilizing. Businesses must be located in Creve Coeur in order to receive certification.

  2. The Creve Coeur Energy and Environment Committee (EEC) will evaluate and verify applications, schedule a site visit, and determine the eligibility of the business. Certification will be good for a three-year period. 


Katy Fechter, Business Sustainability Coordinator
(314) 872-2527