Green Business Guide

The following sustainable business strategies provide simple, cost-effective ways to be involved in the growing green economy. Learn more about green business best practices in our two-page handout.

City of Creve Coeur Green Business Program
Creve Coeur’s Green Business Program is a free resource available to any business looking to be more green. Our business sustainability coordinator will assist your business in incorporating environmentally friendly practices that work for you. If your business fulfills several sustainability practices, you can receive public recognition and promotion for those efforts through the City’s Green Business Certification program.

St. Louis Green Business Challenge
The St. Louis Green Business Challenge is a great program that assists businesses, non profits, and municipal governments in becoming “greener.” For a modest fee organizations receive technical assistance and sustainability tools, monthly networking opportunities, and public recognition for their efforts.

Green Dining Alliance
The St. Louis Green Dining Alliance is a restaurant sustainability certification program that celebrates and promotes green restaurants. Restaurants can tap into green resources and elevate their sustainability practices while being promoted through networking and publications such as Sauce magazine. Green Dining Alliance restaurants in Creve Coeur include The Post and Poké Munch.


Reducing contamination in the recycling stream means the St. Louis region’s recycling industry is more viable and profitable. This leads to a boost in the local economy as well as more job opportunities in the green sector. To top it off, there’s less items in landfills that end up polluting our planet. Keep recycling simple and profitable by sticking with the six most wanted items and keeping plastic bags out of bins!

City of Creve Coeur Recycling Information
This information applies to Creve Coeur businesses. If you don’t currently recycle, contact your waste hauler or the Creve Coeur Business Sustainability Coordinator for advice on how recycling might work best for you.
Nicole Muschinske, Business Sustainability Coordinator or (314) 872-2527

OneSTL is a regional sustainability planning group. Their website provides a gateway with links for many sustainability resources. 

St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District
The local solid waste management district has an annual grant program that supports projects that divert solid waste from landfills (e.g., recycling and waste reduction). Both for-profit and NFP organizations are eligible. 

St. Louis County
The County has several programs and informational resources supporting recycling, including a grant program, which is open to both for-profit and NFP organizations.

Stick with the Six
Do Not Bag Recyclables - Leave Items Loose and Empty - No Plastic Bags in the Recycling Bin - Return

Waste Reduction

Reducing the amount of waste your business generates has both financial and environmentally friendly outcomes. Remember, contact Creve Coeur’s business sustainability coordinator if you would like assistance implementing any of these simple green practices. Signage is available for employee education as well as letting your customers know you are operating sustainably!
  1. “Right Size” dumpsters to reduce size and/or pickups of waste.
  2. Replace disposable break room items with reusable coffee mugs, utensils and plates.
  3. When possible, use both sides of paper when printing.
  4. Make plastic bags and straws available upon request to reduce plastic waste.
  5. Make your parking lot an idle free zone.
  6. Get a free LED lighting consultation from Ameren or Metro Lighting, then use Ameren’s Biz Savers program to cover most of the cost of a lighting upgrade.
  7. Add aerators to sink faucets to reduce water use and save money.

Energy Efficiency

Ameren Spire
Improving your energy efficiency can be quite easy, and both Ameren and Spire have rebate and other financial assistance programs. Many energy efficiency measures have payback periods of 1-3 years, and sometimes even less.

U.S EPA Energy Star Program
Excellent portal for energy efficiency suggestions and product ratings.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager
This is the best known (and free) tool and database for benchmarking, which helps you track energy use, water use and solid waste generation in order to cut inefficiencies and save money. 

Green Energy

Businesses can reduce their emissions by producing green energy directly or by participating in “green energy” programs through Ameren.

Straight Up Solar
Visit Straight Up Solar for information on commercial solar for business.