There will be no cash or in person credit transactions at this time.  If you have a check or money order you may use the drop box located in the lobby (do not deposit cash).  Please be sure to include any necessary paperwork with your payment.  If you wish to make a credit card payment, you may do so after reviewing your case on either of the sites listed below. For those with "Recommendations"
Please submit your paperwork to the court PRIOR to making payment.  Failure to do so may result in you inadvertently entering a guilty plea and a conviction being entered on your case or paying the wrong amount.
  • Submit a signed copy of your recommendation to the Court via drop-box, mail or email to
  • Wait approximately 2 business days for your record to be updated (or more depending on the volume of cases being updated by the courts or interruptions to business hour services). Please review your case on the appropriate website to ensure your recommendation charge and amount have been entered. If so, you may then make a payment.