Municipal Court Hearings via Webex

In light of the continuing COVID-19 public health emergency, all court hearings by the Creve Coeur Municipal Division will be conducted by videoconference until further notice.

How to access your municipal court hearing via Webex:

  1. Visit and click "Join a meeting"
  2. Enter Webex ID # 187 122 2661
  3. Enter Webex password: CREVECOEURCOURT

Notifications of Hearings

Those individuals with cases pending with this Court will receive a notice in the mail with information on the exact date and time, as well as meeting ID number required to login to their specific Webex hearing.

In addition, if your ticket was issued after June 5, 2019 you may visit to review your case status. You may also contact the court office during normal business hours at 314-432-8844 to determine what date your case is currently set for and to obtain your Webex hearing information.

If you do not obtain a notice in the mail prior to your scheduled court date, we ask that you contact the court for assistance. If you need to update your address with the Court, please see the section on our court website titled “Change of Address”.

In your mailing from the Court you will find:
  1. A Notice of Webex Hearing with Meeting ID and password.
  2. A copy of Missouri Municipal Division Courts – Know your Rights (please read this information prior to your hearing)
If you have legal representation (an attorney) please contact your attorney prior to your hearing date and time as your case status may change with little notice and/or you may not be needed at the hearing. Your attorney will advise you accordingly.

Additional Resources

WHY Webex?

On April 17, 2020 the Missouri Supreme Court issued an Order to the Courts of Missouri regarding the continued mandate to cease all in-person hearings due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Within that order, the use of video conferencing was encouraged to ensure the continued access to justice for the public to the judicial system. As of July 1, 2020 the Municipal Divisions within the 21st Judicial Circuit remain closed to in-person contact under the administrative authority of the Presiding Judge. Until such time as we are able to resume hearings at this location we have chosen to proceed in an electronic format as approved by the Missouri Supreme Court. Both Zoom and WebEx have been vetted by the State for use in judicial proceedings. We are currently operating with the assistance of Webex due to the ease of functions for all those involved.