In 2020, Creve Coeur residents voted to approve a parks and stormwater sales tax to provide funding for local parks and stormwater control in Creve Coeur. Learn more about in progress, completed and proposed projects below.

In Progress Projects

  • Millennium Park Renovation Project - Millennium Park, the city's busiest park located at 2 Barnes West Drive, is undergoing a significant renovation that began in September 2023. Funded by the Parks and Stormwater Sales Tax, this $2.5 million project will feature a new playground that is 1.6 times larger than the existing playground area and a new splash pad that is 2.5 times larger than the existing splash pad area. Additional renovations will include the construction of a bandstand for summer concerts and other events, site drainage improvements and the creation of a new entry plaza. The Millennium Park playground, splash pad, pavilion, Tappmeyer Homestead, and west side of the walking path will be closed during construction, which will be completed during summer 2024. 
    • Update as of 12/1/2023: Demolition is nearly completed, while site grading is underway and nearing completion as well. More than 400 feet of the new walking path has been poured. Bioretention areas have been established. Next steps include pouring more of the walking path, final grading and survey of the playground and bandstand area, and the installation the concrete for the playground and the sidewalk around the playground.


  • Conway/Malcolm Terrace Parks Restroom Renovation - The restrooms at Malcolm Terrace Park and Conway Park will be closed for renovation beginning the week of Labor Day. The renovation project will convert both park restrooms for year-round use and is estimated to be completed before the end of December. Portable restrooms will be available on site for park visitors.
  • Watershed Management Plan - The City continues to work with engineering firm Intuition & Logic to develop a citywide Watershed Management Plan. Funded by the Parks and Stormwater Sales Tax, this plan will act as a guide for future stormwater infrastructure improvements. Once the Watershed Management Plan is completed, projects with high prioritization ranking system scores will be included in the Capital Improvement Program.
  • Alden Lane Stormwater Improvements - An existing stormwater system that spans Alden lane is too small and failing. Deteriorating pipes caused a sinkhole to form near the creek and an existing sanitary sewer line, which is growing and threatening the stability of the roadway. A new stormwater system will be installed with larger inlets on both sides of the roadway, which will help capture more water and prevent ponding in the roadway. 

Recently Completed Projects

  • Completed site grading at Conway Park (Completed FY2024)
  • Stormwater trench drain was replaced on Hibler Woods Drive (Completed FY2023)
  • Nature trail repairs and site grading at Malcolm Terrace Park (Completed FY2023)
  • Removal & donation of historic cabins in Conway Park (Completed FY2023)
  • Replacement of large playground safety surface at Venable Park (Completed FY2023)
  • Widened walking trail and added wayfinding signage along trail in Malcolm Terrace Park (Completed FY2022)
  • Replaced and widened walking path, resurfaced tennis courts, and converted one tennis court into two pickleball courts in Conway Park (Completed FY2022)
  • Repainted and restriped tennis courts (Completed FY2022)

Proposed Projects for Future

  • Development of Venable Park Master Plan (Proposed for FY2024)
  • Site design for Venable Park Project Phase 1, including design for trail, bridge replacement, tennis court replacement and splash pad construction (Proposed for FY2024)
  • Installation of commemorative artwork at Venable Park (Proposed for FY2024)
  • Cosmetic repairs of Tappmeyer Homestead (Proposed for FY2024)
  • Trail, bridge replacement, tennis court replacement and splash pad construction at Venable Park - Phase 1 Project (Proposed for FY2025)
  • Restroom renovations at Venable Park (Proposed for FY2025)
  • Site design for Millennium Park Project Phase 2, including trail improvements and trail connections (Proposed for FY2026)
  • Replacement of playground safety surface at Conway Park (Proposed for FY2026)
  • New playground & site grading at Lake School Park - Phase 1 Project (Proposed for FY2026)
  • Nature trail repairs at Malcolm Terrace Park (Proposed for FY2026)
  • Restroom renovations at Lake School Park (Proposed for FY2026)

Parks & Stormwater Master Plans

With the revenue provided by the parks and stormwater sales tax, the City will have additional funding available for maintaining and improving parks and stormwater infrastructure on the schedule and magnitude envisioned by the City’s respective master plans.

Prop C Materials

In November 2020, Creve Coeur residents voted to approve Proposition C, a parks and stormwater sales tax to provide funding for local parks and stormwater control in Creve Coeur.