Building Permit Task Force

The City Council approved Resolution No. 1514 on November 9, 2020, establishing a new Building Permit Task Force for a one-year term. 

The Building Permit Task Force will make recommendations to the City Council for change and improvement to the permitting process including:

  • Identifying issues of concern among contractors and citizens; reviewing existing survey data, soliciting additional input through virtual town halls or other public engagement;
  • Reviewing scope and mission of city's building permitting and inspection services;
  • Reviewing recent staff efforts to improve services and the results of such efforts;
  • Making recommendations on future goals and objectives regarding building permits;
  • Making recommendations for improving the permit applicant's experience.


The City Council has appointed nine task force members consisting of representatives from various Creve Coeur boards, committees and commissions. 

  • Jeffrey Bernstein, Resident/Home Builder
  • Don Perrin, Building Board of Appeals Member
  • James Myers, Planning and Zoning Commission Representative
  • Joe Martinich, City Council Member - Ward 4
  • Mark Manlin, City Council Member - Ward 1
  • Ned Maniscalco, Economic Development Committee Member
  • Heather Silverman, City Council Member - Ward 1
  • Dan Tierney, City Council Member - Ward 4, Building Permit Task Force Chair
  • Barry Glantz, Task Force Member, Former Mayor
  • Jason Jaggi, Staff Liaison
  • Mark Perkins, City Administrator
  • Mayor Robert Hoffman

  1. Jason Jaggi

    Director of Community Development
    Phone: (314) 872-2504