Business License Violations

Business License Administrative Court Hearings

If you are operating a business within the city limits of Creve Coeur without a valid business license you may have received a Summons to Appear for a court hearing regarding this violation of city code.

Business Licenses are issued by the City Finance Department. If city personnel believe or have knowledge of a business operating without a valid business license, Finance Department personnel will make numerous attempts to verify the business operations and assist that business with coming into compliance with city rules.  

If a business fails to respond to staff inquires and/or continues to operate a business without obtaining the required documentation, a case will be referred to the Office of the Municipal Prosecutor for consideration of criminal charges in violation of City Code.   Once issued, the Prosecutor will forward those charges to the Municipal Court who will set a court hearing date and mail a notice of violation as well as a summons to appear.

This section has been created to assist you with obtaining compliance and/or resolving your court case.

The Court, Prosecutor and City are eager for you to obtain compliance and will make every effort to help you do so. We have taken an extra step in our efforts and have created an Administrative Court Hearing for your initial court appearance. That hearing date will appear on your Municipal Summons. We will have the individuals you need to speak with available at these hearings to guide you through the business license process. It is our hope by having this administrative hearing that you will be able to rectify the underlying violation and resolve your case without having to appear before a Judge.

Q. Why did this business receive a summons?
A. As outlined above, a Municipal Summons is issued only when there has been no response to the City Finance Department’s attempts to contact the business and/or the business continues to operate without a valid business license. The Finance Department has submitted their case to the Municipal Prosecutor who has determined that enough probable cause exists to prosecute the charge. The case has been filed with the Court and an administrative hearing has now been scheduled. The Court has issued a Municipal Summons to appear.  A copy of the Prosecutor’s complaint is included with your summons for reference.

Q. Am I required to attend the scheduled court date?
A. YES. Unless your court case is otherwise resolved prior to your hearing date.   

Q. Must I have my business license prior to my hearing date?
A. It is always recommended to resolve the license issue prior to the hearing date. However; if you do not, individuals will be available at your initial appearance during the Administrative Court Hearing to advise you of what exactly you need to do to comply. You may contact the Finance Department at or by calling 314-872-2577.

Q. Who will be at the hearing? 
A. The Court has arranged for you to meet with the parties that may best assist you with your issue. At your hearing you will meet with personnel from the Finance Department and the Municipal Prosecutor. You will be able to get the specific information you need to rectify the issue and possibly resolve this matter without having to ever see a Judge.

Q. What happens if I do not appear? 
A. The city may take additional administrative action on your business. In addition, the Court may take action on failing to appear.  

Q. I received a Municipal Summons but I no longer own/operate the business, what do I do?
A. Please contact the City Finance Department as soon as possible so that the city may update its records and may take the appropriate steps to notify the Prosecutor so that we may resolve this case:

Q. I have obtained by business license, must I still appear at the court date?
A. YES. Unless your court case is otherwise resolved prior to your hearing date. Remember: there are 2 separate matters at hand once a charge has been issued by the Municipal Prosecutor: 1) the administrative issue of not having a valid business license which must be handled with the City Finance Department and 2) the charge the Prosecutor has filed which must be handled with the Municipal Court. Both matters must be satisfied to complete your case with the City of Creve Coeur.    

If you have obtained your business license, you may contact the Office of the Municipal Prosecutor to determine if your case may be resolved without appearing at the court date.     

Office of the Municipal Prosecutor – Prosecutor Stephanie Karr

Q. I have lost my summons and hearing date information, where do I find that?
A. All public court case information is available online for anyone to see at any time. You may view your information on the Missouri CaseNet court software system by going to Individuals may even sign up for electronic notifications regarding their cases using CaseNet.

Q. May I reschedule my court hearing?
A. You may be eligible for one continuance outside of court proceedings. You must submit a written request for continuance up to 5 days prior to your scheduled court hearing. Request for Continuance forms are available on the Court website at You will need to monitor your case on the Missouri CaseNet site to determine if a continuance has been granted.  If a new date is not granted, you must appear as scheduled.