Facilities Task Force

The City Council approved Resolution No. 1550 on August 23, 2021, establishing a new Facilities Task Force for a two-year term. 

The Facilities Task Force provides input and recommendations to the City Council on facility needs and issues pertaining to the Creve Coeur Government Center and Ice Arena. 


The Facilities Task Force is composed of seven members, including the Mayor, two members of the City Council, one member of the Finance Committee and one member of the Parks and Historic Preservation Committee.

  • Marjorie Richter, Finance Committee Representative
  • Richard Darrow, Parks & Historic Preservation Committee Representative
  • Barry Glantz, Former Mayor, Task Force Member
  • Richard Kutta, Task Force Member
  • Tim Carney, Vice Chair, City Council Member - Ward 2, Council Liaison
  • Joe Martinich, Chair, City Council Member - Ward 4, Council Liaison
  • Mayor Robert Hoffman
  • Mark Perkins, City Administrator, Staff Liaison
  • Jim Heines, Director of Public Works, Staff Liaison
  1. Jim Heines

    Director of Public Works
    Phone: (314) 872-2538