Street Light Program

Subdivisions interested in having one or more street lights installed in their neighborhood may submit a request through the City's street light program.

Street light installation requests are initiated by the subdivision trustees. To request street light installation, the following items must be submitted to the Department of Public Works:

  1. Subdivision formal written request
  2. City request form
  3. Petition stating in detail the subdivision request, signed by 75% of the subdivision
  4. List of all subdivision residents and trustees, including name and phone number
  5. Subdivision drawing clearly marked with the recommended locations for the requested street lights

The Department of Public Works reviews street light installation requests and works with Ameren to determine appropriate locations. In order to qualify for the street light program, the street must be a public street maintained by the City. 

The subdivision is responsible for paying for installation. Installation costs depend on whether the street has overhead or underground electrical service. In general, installation costs are significantly higher in subdivisions with underground electrical service because the power lines are more difficult to access.

After the request is approved by the City Council, City staff will work with the trustees and Ameren to get street lights installed. Once the lights are installed, the City will be responsible for ongoing maintenance and power costs.

For more information, please view the Street Light Policy or contact the Department of Public Works at 314-872-2533.