Neighborhood Watch

Creve Coeur Neighborhood Watch

The Creve Coeur Neighborhood Watch Association is an independent organization supported by the Creve Coeur Police Department. Neighborhood Watch provides safety and preparedness education to residents. Officers from the police department meet with independent neighborhood watch groups to address their specific issues and concerns.

The Neighborhood Watch Association board hopes that the program will encourage residents to call the police when they witness suspicious or out-of-place activities in their neighborhood. There are over 400 streets in the city and the majority of these streets are residential.

The police department cannot keep the community safe by itself. It relies on the eyes and ears of the citizens to help them fight crime. If each resident is alert for criminal and suspicious activity, then the police multiplied their numbers from 50 concerned individuals to over 18,000. As an educated, alert and concerned citizen, you have a role in keeping Creve Coeur a safe place to live. Follow the CCNWA on Facebook

Back-to-School Food Drive

CCNW fills police car with donated food



The Neighborhood Watch Association sponsors several crime prevention activities throughout the year such as: 
  • Creve Coeur Night Out 
  • Annual Trivia Night
  • Halloween Party
  • Residential Safety Presentation
  • Quarterly citizen awareness meetings 
The Association also provides "No Solicitors/No Peddlers" stickers at no cost to Creve Coeur residents. If you choose, you can place these stickers near the entrance of your home to ward off unwanted solicitors. If you would like to pick up one of these stickers, you may do so at the Creve Coeur Police Department.

To enroll or update your subdivision in Neighborhood Watch, please fill out our online form or contact the Crime Prevention Office at (314) 442-2075.