Joint Crime Prevention Program

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The Creve Coeur Joint Crime Prevention Partnership was formed in 1989 under the leadership of Captain Frank Harris (ret.) and Officer Warren Walls (ret.). Initially, the partnership was formed between the Creve Coeur Police Department and the Monsanto Company (Now Bayer).  In 1991, Mercy Hospital joined the partnership. The Partnership received national recognition as a model of cooperation between public and private law enforcement agencies. The FBI National Academy examined the Partnership and has used it as an example to teach law enforcement executives from across the country how to form business-police partnerships in their communities.

After several years of success, the Partnership began to work closely with Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital on new projects. The agencies worked so well together that the Partnership extended an invitation to Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital to join. In 2009, in the twentieth year of the Partnership, Barnes became the fourth partner. As recent as 2017, the Partnership expanded once again with the additions of SSM Health and Missouri Baptist University.

For over twenty-five years, the Creve Coeur Joint Crime Prevention Partnership has been a model for the nation in business-government cooperation. With the generous financial support provided by the Bayer Company (formerly Monsanto), Mercy Hospital, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, SSM Health and Missouri Baptist University, the Creve Coeur Police Department can continue to offer crime prevention programs and education to the Creve Coeur area.


The purpose of the Creve Coeur Joint Crime Prevention Program is the continued establishment, development and implementation of educational and safety programs for the community. We encourage the relationship between the private and public law enforcement agencies in our community for the betterment of the community. Through the sharing of resources and training business and government can work together to provide better services, programs and education in the community. 

The program uses police and security officers working together to carry the message of crime prevention and safety to the business and residential community through programs like:
    • Active Shooter Defense
    • Creve Coeur Night Out
    • Neighborhood Watch
    • R.A.D. Self-Defense Courses
    All funds earned by the Partnership are used for crime prevention related programs and expenses. Funds are also used to assist the police department in purchasing equipment and training so it can fulfill its mission of protecting the community.