Personnel Appeals Board


The Personnel Appeals Board consists of five members and two alternate members who each serve a three-year term.

Per Section 130.020 of City of Creve Coeur Code of Ordinances, members of the Personnel Appeals Board are in sympathy with the application of merit principles to public employment. No member of the Personnel Appeals Board can be a member of any local, State or national committee of a political party or an elected officer of any partisan club or organization. No member of the Personnel Appeals Board can hold public office or employment in the City of Creve Coeur and cannot hold or be a candidate for any political office.

Primary responsibilities and duties of the Committee include:

  • Hearing personnel disciplinary appeals;
  • Performing other advisory activities as may be requested by the Mayor and City Council.

To find out more about the roles and guidelines of appointed and elected City positions, read A Citizens Advisory Guide to Boards, Committees and Commissions.


  • Joyce Steiger, Chair
  • Eric Sterman, Member
  • Kirk Williams, Member
  • Lisa Williams, Member
  • Ronald Compton, Member
  • Verona Bowers, Alternate Member
  • Tommy Taylor, Alternate Member