Planning & Zoning Commission


The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of seven members who each serve a three-year term. The Commission has all powers and duties granted and assigned to the Planning Commission and Zoning Commission under Chapter 89, Missouri Revised Statutes, and such other powers and duties granted and assigned to it by law or by ordinance.

The commission meets the first and third Mondays of each month.

Primary responsibilities and duties of the commission include:

  • Preparing and updating a Master Plan for the physical development of the city and recommended modifications of the Master Plan from time to time.
  • Preparing and submitting to the City Council a Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map.
  • Considering all requests for rezoning, zoning text amendments, site development plan approval and conditional use permit.
  • Petitioning the City Council on its own initiative to amend, supplement, change or repeal the Zoning Code or Zoning Map.
  • Submitting an annual written report to the City Council with the Commission's recommendations concerning the Zoning Code, a summary of its activities during the past year, its recommendations on specific community goals and objectives for the future and programs for achieving these.
  • Recommending to the City Council the preparation of such municipal, state or national legislation as may be necessary to carry out the recommendations or suggestions of the Commission.
  • Preparing and submitting to the City Council such other reports relating to its investigations, transactions and recommendations as it deems proper or as required by the Mayor or the City Council.
  • Promulgating site development standards, architectural standards and guidelines for new construction, reconstructions or alternations to ensure the mutual compatibility of buildings and their surroundings.

To find out more about the roles and guidelines of appointed and elected City positions, read A Citizens Advisory Guide to Boards, Committees and Commissions.

Agendas & Minutes


*Please schedule a meeting with staff prior to application submittal.

Meeting & Submittal Schedule


  • Julie LaBonte, Chair
  • Muriel Hall, Commission Member
  • Larry Potashnick, Commission Member
  • AJ Wang, Vice Chair
  • Thomas Buelter, Commission Member
  • Rhonda O'Brien, Commission Member
  • Marjorie Richter, Commission Member