Current Investigations

On 2/9/2021, 2/11/2021, and 2/17/2021, the unknown pictured female called Walgreens, 10941 Olive Blvd, posing as a doctor and placed prescriptions requests for Tramadol and Amoxicillin. She was successful picking up the prescriptions on the first two incidents. Contact Det Anthony #786 if you have any information regarding this case or recognize the suspect. or 314-872-2544 

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The pictured subject burglarized a home by entering an open garage on Quailways Drive on 08/13/2020. The pictured male drove a Gray Nissan Sentra onto the lawn beside the driveway before exiting and stealing a children’s bicycle.

Please contact Det Parker if you have any information regarding this case.  or 314-872-2530

Burglar 2

Shoplifting Reports #20-1233 & #20-1234

The pictured subject shoplifted from Schnucks, 12756 Olive Blvd, on multiple dates in July and August. He typically enters the store with a backpack or duffel bag and fills it completely with liquor and/or grooming products. He was last seen driving a red Ford Mustang convertible.  Please contact Det Anthony if you have any information regarding this case or if you are able to identify the suspect. or 314-872-2544

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20-1233 schnucks (1)
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Shoplifting Report - Report #20-1054

Between the dates of 06/28/2020 and 07/01/2020, the below pictured subjects shoplifted various amounts of alcohol from the CVS located at 11560 Olive Blvd.  The suspects were seen fleeing the area in an older model, maroon Dodge Charger.  If you can identify this suspects or the vehicle, please contact Det. Manninger at or 314-442-2088.

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Stolen Construction Equipment - Report #20-722

On 04/13/2020, contractors working a construction project at the #3 City Place parking garage, reported that a 2011 Bobcat was stolen from the site sometime during the early morning hours.  The suspect vehicle, is believed to be a maroon, Ford F-250 or F-350 pickup truck pulling a dump trailer. If you can identify this suspect or the vehicle, please contact Det. Manninger at or 314-442-2088.

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Homicide - Report #15-153 

On Sunday, 1/18/2015 at 11:44 PM, the victim Ned R. Booker was shot multiple times as he exited the AMC Theater located at 10465 Olive Blvd. in Creve Coeur, Missouri. Witnesses saw at least two or possibly three black makes exit a vehicle and run towards the victim as they fired several shots at him. A red 2013 Ford F-150 was seen leaving the area at a high rate of speed after the shooting. The victim ultimately died of the injuries caused by the gunshots. Please contact the Crime Prevention Officer at 314-442-2075 or at