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Department of Community Development
Planning Division Procedures - Updated:  6-22-20

The following procedures for the Planning and Zoning functions of the Department of Community Development have been revised.


(Site development plans, conditional use permits, rezonings, plats, etc. requiring Planning and Zoning Commission and/or City Council approval) 

  • Applications can now be submitted in person at the Government Center or can continue to be dropped off in the entry vestibule.  All visitors to the Government Center are encouraged to sign in as they enter and are required to maintain social distancing.  The wearing of a mask is recommended but not required.  All staff members that interact with the public are required to maintain social distancing and wear a mask.   There are separated tables for applicants to complete application forms in the lobby.  Boxes in the lobby are available to drop off permit applications and plans.  All documents are subject to a 24-hour quarantine; therefore, Staff will not be handling any documents until after the quarantine period.
    • Three (3) paper copies of complete submittal, folded, full-size, signed and sealed drawings for site plan, architectural and landscape plans (when prepared by a licensed design professional) is required for record keeping.  Application fees and escrows can be paid in person at the Government Center with a credit card or by check.  Cash is not accepted at this time.  Note: All paper copies and checks are subject to 24-hour quarantine prior to processing. 
    • Electronic versions of the complete submittal (including applications, plans, other supporting documentation) need to be submitted in addition to the paper copies.  These electronic versions can be emailed for initial review by the deadline to Whitney Kelly, City Planner, at
    • Submittal by the deadline does not constitute a guarantee that projects will be scheduled for the proposed meeting date. Only complete applications will be scheduled for Planning and Zoning Commission for review.
    • For meetings, please check the City’s calendar for remote teleconferencing information.


  • Sign permit applications may be submitted in person at the Government Center (subject to a 24-hour quarantine) or can be submitted electronically directly to Whitney Kelly, City Planner, at for review.
  • Fees will be collected prior to or at time of pickup. Fees may be submitted via credit card which can be processed over the phone. Note: All paper copies and checks are subject to 24-hour quarantine prior to processing. 
  • Sign Permits Applications can be found under the Building Division Permits or below:
  • Sign Permit Application  
  • Sign Fee Schedule & Conditions


  • All requests for meetings with Staff will be handled remotely through conference calls or videoconferencing.  Limited in-person meetings may be conducted at the Government Center with advanced notice.
  • Applicants are encouraged to check the Planning Division website for the most up-to-date information or call the Planning Division at (314) 872-2501.



Procedural Resources

Application Forms

If your application type is not listed, please contact staff at (314) 872-2501 or by email at

We highly advise scheduling a meeting with planning staff prior to filling out an application.

All paperwork submitted with the application must be separated by set and folded to be no larger than 9"X14".