Site Development Plans


The City of Creve Coeur evaluates all proposed construction, before accepting any permit application, to see if it requires site plan review. Site plans are divided among Site Development Plans, Minor Site Plans and Site Concept Plans.

The purpose of these reviews is to enable the city to consider potential impacts upon the area in the vicinity of the property, to ensure consistency with good planning practice and to ensure high standards of site design for the general welfare of the city and its residents.

Site Development Plans

Site Development Plans are the most common form of review and fall into one of the following:
  • Any conditional use
  • Any project which includes the development of a parcel of land that contains no buildings or for which the existing buildings are to be removed an a new building or buildings constructed
  • Any development that is adding more than 5,000 square feet of new impermeable surface to a site
  • Any development which will add less than 5,000 square feet of new impermeable surface to a site where such site has previously received one or more minor site plan approvals and the sum total of the impermeable surface added and proposed to be added to the site exceeds 5,000 square feet
Please note that some plans require only Planning and Zoning Commission review and approval, while others must also be approved by the City Council. Please contact the Division of Planning at (314) 872-2501 to determine the particular submittal requirements and scope of review for your project before proceeding.