Minor Site Plans

Use of Minor Site Plans

 Minor Site Plans are used for small projects that fall into one of the following:
  • The expansion of a permitted use
  • A change in use to another permitted use
  • The redevelopment of a site that already contains a building or buildings, providing that any such expansion, change or redevelopment shall not add more than 5,000 square feet of new impermeable surface to the site
More than one minor site plan may be approved for an individual site provided that the sum total of the new impermeable surface of all minor site plans does not exceed 5,000 square feet. Minor site plans must be approved by the Planning Commission and are generally subject to the same procedural requirement as Site Development Plans but generally require a lesser scope of information and can be completed in less time.

If you believe your project qualifies under one of the three categories above, please contact the Division of Planning at (314) 872-2501 to determine what the particular submittal requirements might be before proceeding.