Arts Committee


The Arts Committee consists of seven to nine members.

 Primary duties of the Arts Committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Adopting a final master plan for the city regarding public art, which it shall review and revise as needed thereafter, and implement subject to the oversight of the City Council and City Administrator;
  • Promoting cultural arts within the city, making art a priority within the community;
  • Serving as curator of the city’s public art collection;
  • Assisting the City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission in using public art to enhance existing development within public parks and other public lands and in public structures;
  • Serving as a resource for artistic components of land use developments;
  • Providing advice on the process of developing fair, balanced and professional approaches to commissioning public art;
  • Recommending selection process guidelines to ensure equal access for artists of all backgrounds;
  • Developing announcements for placement in appropriate publications to inform artists of opportunities;
  • Choosing a Selection Panel for each project, comprised of 5-7 art and design professionals as well as a representative of the owner of the project. Two members of the Commission shall be members of each panel. The Commission shall oversee the work of each panel;
  • Assisting the city with contract negotiations, budgeting, payment schedules and insurance requirements regarding public art projects;
  • Recommending maintenance guidelines in accordance with professional conservators to maintain collected work;
  • Encouraging connections with other local, regional and national organizations working for the benefit of art and preservation of artistic values;
  • Pursuing gifts and grants for support of arts programs and activities and for the procurement of public art;
  • Working with any trust fund or charitable entity established to support public art in the City;
  • Providing an annual report at the conclusion of each fiscal year to the City Council documenting efforts to fulfill these duties.
View the current Public Art Master Plan.

To find out more about the roles and guidelines of appointed and elected City positions, read A Citizens Advisory Guide to Boards, Committees and Commissions.


Members of the Creve Coeur Arts Committee are residents of Creve Coeur, with the exception of one member who may be a local business person who is not a resident. Members include artists, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, developers, educators and individuals from the community who have experience in the field of art or a supporter of the arts.

  • Elizabeth Bockius, Committee Member
  • Sara Friedman, Committee Vice Chair
  • Lisa Hilton, Committee Member
  • Nan Kulkarni, Committee Member
  • Linda Kusmer, Committee Member
  • Robert Morrissey, Committee Chair
  • Scott Saunders, Committee Member
  • Sari Neudorf, Council Liaison - Ward 3