Strategic Plan 2023-2025

The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to provide focus to municipal operations over the next three years. The Strategic Plan includes specific organizational goals that are tied to organizational priorities such as financial stability or improved city services. The Strategic Plan differs from the city's Comprehensive Land Use Plan, which dictates policy relating to land use.

Strategic Plan 2023-2025 was updated and approved unanimously by Resolution No. 1633 by the City Council at the regular meeting on March 27, 2023. 

Strategic Plan 2023-2025 will be updated annually and included in the city's budget.

Strategic Plan FY23-25 Cover

Plan Development Process

In January 2022, elected officials and city staff came together to update the City of Creve Coeur’s strategic plan. The plan reflects thoughtful consideration by elected officials and city staff with facilitation support from an independent firm. The development process included:
  • A pre-workshop survey was completed by the City Council and staff on critical issues facing Creve Coeur and proposed solutions
  • An initial workshop was held with the City Council to discuss current trends impacting cities and review the pre-workshop survey results
  • A second workshop was held with the City Council and a follow up meeting with staff to develop specific strategies and actions to achieve the developed goals
  • A 30-day public comment period was held
  • A work session was held with the City Council to review the draft of the updated strategic plan
  • Final adoption of the updated strategic plan by the City Council
Creve Coeur citizens and businesses are encouraged to direct questions or comments about the plan to Mark Perkins, City Administrator, at 314-872-2511.