Building Division

Public Input on Building Permit Process

In November 2020, the Creve Coeur City Council established a new Building Permit Task Force to identify areas of concern and opportunities for improvement within the City’s building and permit inspection services to better meet the needs of the community. The Building Permit Task Force has 10 appointed members consisting of representatives from various Creve Coeur boards, committees and City Council that meet monthly to review the City’s building permitting and inspection services.

The Building Permit Task Force hosted a virtual public forum for residents on Tuesday, May 18, at 6:30 p.m., as well as a virtual public forum for contractors on Tuesday, May 25, at 4:00 p.m. During the public forum, attendees had an opportunity to share feedback on their experience with the permitting process, as well as share suggestions for improvements.

Creve Coeur residents are also encouraged to provide feedback through an online survey.

On an ongoing basis, the City also collects feedback from residents and contractors about the permitting process through a survey sent at the conclusion of each permitting application. Using this existing survey data, as well as the citizen input collected through the public forum and online survey, the Building Permit Task Force will develop a final report at the end of its one-year term with recommendations for improving the permit applicant’s overall experience.



Building Division Update 5/13/2021: Permitting and inspections conducted by the Building Division has returned to normal operations. Staff will continue to practice recommended public health precautions while conducting inspections and meeting with the public, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Virtual conferencing methods are preferred; however, in-person meetings are available upon request.


The Building Division is responsible for enforcement of the city's building, residential-mechanical, property maintenance, nuisance and zoning codes.

Primary Activities

Primary Building Division activities include:
  • Ensuring that life safety codes and professional construction methods are adhered to during the construction process
  • Administering and coordinating all aspects of the residential and commercial building permit submittal, plan review, permit issuance, field inspections and escrow release processes
  • Ensuring that all residential and commercial properties are in compliance with the city's exterior property maintenance, nuisance and sign codes, Complaint Line (314) 442-2085
  • Ensuring that St. Louis County provides quality permit issuance and field inspection services as they pertain to all electrical, plumbing and commercial mechanical work completed within the city

Public Notice of New City Codes (Effective May 1, 2020)