Community Development

Mission Statement

The Department will support the community vision by providing courteous, professional and accurate support to the public, the City Council and the city's Boards and Commissions through the expert interpretation and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, and administration of the building, maintenance, subdivision and zoning codes.


Headed by the Director of Community Development, the Department is made up of the Building Division and the Planning Division. By complimenting each other's efforts, the two divisions form a department that provides comprehensive oversight and management of all planning, demolition, design, development, redevelopment and site improvement projects within the city as well as ensuring compliance and adherence to all applicable codes and ordinances.

Whom to Contact

If you have questions regarding the permitting and inspection of any structure, or the maintenance of any property, you should contact the Building Division at (314) 872-2500.

If you have questions regarding the growth and development of the commercial areas, the permitting of signs or the enhancement and protection of the residential neighborhoods, please contact the Planning Division at (314) 872-2501. You should also contact the Planning Division if you have questions regarding any zoning or subdivision proposals before the city.