Energy and Environment Committee

The City of Creve Coeur recognizes the importance of being a sustainable and environmentally conscious community and has initiated many efforts over the years in support of these values. 

Sustainability efforts began with the precursor to the Energy and Environment Committee, the Climate Action Task Force, which was formed in 2008 following the signing of the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement and the completion of the St. Louis region’s first municipal Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, both of which were backed by unanimous support from the City Council through Resolution 790. 

With the passage of Ordinance 5391 on September 22, 2014, City Council affirmed its ongoing commitment to sustainability efforts when it dissolved the task force and created the Energy and Environment Committee.

  1. Melissa Bradford

    Public Information Officer & Management Analyst

Primary responsibilities of the committee:

  • Advise the City Council on issues related to sustainability, including initiatives to reduce waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and consumption of energy from non-renewable sources;
  • Advise the City Council on issues related to trash and recycling;
  • Review and update the Climate Action Plan;
  • Advise the City Council in maintaining current sustainability information in public spaces on the City's website and in City publications;
  • Support and promote City functions related to sustainability.

To find out more about the roles and guidelines of appointed and elected city positions, read A Citizens Advisory Guide to Boards, Committees and Commissions.


Members of the Energy and Environment Committee are residents of Creve Coeur and owners, managers or employees of Creve Coeur business institutions, or not-for-profit organizations.

  • Greg Campbell, Committee Member
  • Walker Gaffney, Committee Member
  • Joseph Gaied, Committee Member
  • Sheerie Green, Committee Member 
  • Saranya Konala, Committee Member
  • Andrew Lowenthal, Committee Chair
  • Paige Recker, Committee Member
  • Donna Spence, Committee Vice Chair
  • Mark Manlin, Council Liaison - Ward 1

Sustainability Efforts

In 2010, the city adopted Phase 1 of a Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions community-wide 20 percent by 2015 in comparison to 2005 baseline levels. The following projects have been implemented by the City of Creve Coeur as part of the reduction goal and many have been funded, at least in part, by grants and rebate programs:

  • Decorative LED lighting on Olive Boulevard from Cross Creek to Mason (70% energy reduction and maintenance free for approximately 10 years)
  • New boiler and hot water system at the Government Center has resulted in up to 75% reduction in energy usage and related expenses
  • Retrofit all lighting at municipal facilities with energy efficient fixtures
  • Reflective white coating on Government Center and Public Works facility roofs has dropped the surface temperature by at least 30 degrees in the summer
  • Radiant heating at the Public Works facility has reduced winter gas bills by nearly 75%

In December 2011, the City Council adopted a resolution to initiate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Community Challenge in Creve Coeur to support the purchase of renewable energy. The city became a Green Power Community in June 2013. 

In December 2013, the city received a Sustainable Business Advantage Award from the St. Louis Regional Chamber and in 2014, the city took the 25x20 Energy Benchmarking Pledge, and challenges the community to do the same! In July 2016, the City Council adopted Phase 2 of a Climate Action Plan.

In addition to exploring the Sustainability pages within this website, the City encourages residents and business owners to get up to speed with the resource links below:

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