Safety and Efficiency Improvements

The Government Center Needs Analysis highlighted many concerns with the Police Department facility in the Government Center regarding safety and security. These included:

Emergency vehicle access and egress:

The Police Department’s original facility, which it shared with the Government Center and Community Center, had only one entrance and exit. Emergency vehicles often encountered conflict with pedestrian and vehicular traffic when trying to respond to incidents. Not only did this create a hazardous situation, it also delayed emergency response.

Unsecured emergency exits:

Building and fire codes require exit points for the public during an emergency, however, many of the original facility's exit points took the public through areas that should be restricted, such as the hallway leading to the boiler room, cooling tower and generator.

Jail cell conflicts:

State law requires sight and sound separation between juvenile and adult detainees. The original facility lacked space for a dedicated juvenile holding area, so to comply with state law, adult detainees had to be removed when juvenile detainees were brought into the facility.

In addition to safety and security concerns, the Needs Analysis Report also highlighted concerns with space and overcrowding. The original facility was originally designed as a school and did not provide an efficient layout for a police department headquarters. Though the Police Department employees work as a team, their offices were spread across three different areas throughout the building, creating a disjointed work environment. The facility also lacked adequate storage and training space. Current city offices will be able to  expand and remodel within the Government Center after the police department moves into the new police facility.

Addressing these concerns is not only important for improving efficiency and maintaining community safety, but they are also important for the department to maintain accreditation. The citizens of Creve Coeur are served by an internationally accredited law enforcement agency certified by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). To maintain accreditation, they must meet certain safety standards. While the department met all standards at the original facility, should the criteria ever be revised, the new police building will make it easier for the department to maintain accreditation.