Emergency Operations Improvements

Among other issues, the Government Center Needs Analysis Report highlighted concerns with the city’s current Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which were addressed by building a new police station.

An EOC is a central location from which public safety and support agencies coordinate emergency response and recovery and is a critical component to managing public safety and security during a major incident.

The Police Department’s original facilities at the Government Center did not have space for a dedicated EOC. Instead, emergency operations ran through the squad room, creating conflict for space during daily shift briefings. The squad room also did not contain adequate space or technology for an efficient EOC, and it was located in a building that is not seismically braced, meaning it may not be available in the event of a natural disaster.

The new police station addresses the issues with the previous EOC. The new facility has a dedicated EOC with space for multiple public safety and support personnel to coordinate emergency response. It would also allow for several technology improvements including additional computers and screens for managing multiple tasks, sufficient telephone landlines to handle incoming and outgoing calls, and technology to connect with the St. Louis County EOC and State Fusion Center for real-time collaboration. The building is also seismically braced ensuring the EOC is available despite most natural disasters.

The EOC was one of many concerns included in the Facilities Needs Analysis. Other concerns included lack of adequate meeting, office, training and storage space, multiple safety and security concerns, extensive plumbing deficiencies, and unsafe parking configuration which created hazards between patrol vehicles and pedestrians.