Deer Management

Ordinances Adopted to Mitigate Deer Problem
In October 2011, the City Council adopted an ordinance to allow trained archery hunters to hunt deer within city limits when a permit is obtained through the Creve Coeur Police Department. An ordinance prohibiting the feeding of deer was also adopted. Both ordinances can be viewed in their entirety below.

Obtaining Permission to Bow Hunt
The Creve Coeur Police Department is responsible for maintaining all records, permits and files for the Ordinance allowing bow hunting for deer. 

Effective November 1, 2011, bow hunting is allowed in the city limits of Creve Coeur provided hunters have successfully completed the required application process as defined in City Ord. 5600.

Bow hunters are required to submit the below materials to receive permission to hunt:

  1. Driver’s license
  2. Certificate of completion of an archery device hunter safety course as approved or provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation
  3. Notification of Intent to Hunt & Contiguous Neighbor Notification
The above information may be submitted to After the application has been verified, the applicant will have their photo taken and receive a Creve Coeur ID for bow hunting.

To obtain permission to hunt, bow hunters must satisfy a number of requirements including but not limited to completing a Notification of Intent to Hunt form from the Police Department, providing a certificate of completion of an approved archery hunter safety course, and notifying in writing all contiguous properties of the planned hunt.

Additionally, the ordinance does not authorize hunts on tracts of land under one acre unless adjacent property owners combine their parcels to form at least one acre. All hunters are required to hunt from an elevated position at least 10 feet high that faces the interior of the property, and arrows must be shot at a downward angle to prevent any arrow from landing closer than 25 feet from a side or rear property line and 75 feet from a front yard property line. It is unlawful for a person to discharge an archery device within 30 yards of any dwelling or vehicle without express authority. Likewise, it is unlawful for any archery device to be discharged within 150 yards of a church, school, or playground unless the owner of such property has provided express written consent to such discharges of closer proximity at specified dates and time periods.

The City maintains and makes available to the public a list of bow hunters that have expressed interest in hunting on private property in Creve Coeur. However, the City does not endorse nor vet any group or individual. The City recommends that property owners conduct their own process for choosing a hunter from the list or from other sources.

Bow hunters may request to be added to the list by contacting Catie Melvin at or 314-274-2109.