Capital Improvement Program

What is the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)?

The CIP is the City's long-range plan for improvements to infrastructure, parks and other community facilities. The CIP is a tool to assess the long-term capital needs, values and desires of the city and to establish funding of high-priority projects in a timely, cost-effective manner.

CIP Goals

The following are goals of the CIP:

  • Provide a plan for repair and replacement of deteriorating infrastructure
  • Improve operational or functional aspects of existing infrastructure
  • Add new facilities and improve the community’s infrastructure to enhance the quality of life in Creve Coeur
  • Provide for planned replacement of major equipment required for City operations

CIP FY2024-FY2028

The City Council adopted the CIP FY2024-2028 through Resolution 1637 on April 24, 2023.

5-Year CIP Process

“Capital improvements” are long-lasting investments into the City’s infrastructure and facilities and include projects such as road and sidewalk construction, new park paths, playgrounds, renovation of City facilities, major equipment purchases and erosion control along creek banks. The City maintains a five-year outlook of its capital improvements through the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP serves as a critical planning tool to help establish, prioritize, organize and fund the City’s investments into the community.

The CIP is primarily funded through a one half-cent capital improvement sales tax, a one half-cent parks and stormwater sales tax, transfers from the City’s general fund, and grants from local, state, and federal aid programs. These revenue sources are estimated to provide approximately $7 million in the coming fiscal year.

Improvements to the City’s facilities, parks, recreational facilities, streets, sidewalks, stormwater and equipment are estimated to cost approximately $7 million in the coming fiscal year, meaning that the planned expenses match the available revenue. Some stormwater improvement projects for the CIP will be further detailed during project prioritization as part of the Watershed Management Plan Update the City will be conducting in 2023. The City seeks to maximize its investment in the community while remaining within the budget.


City staff submits a draft of the CIP to the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Finance Committee in late February. The draft CIP is discussed in detail with all three of these bodies in March, which usually includes two work sessions with the City Council. Staff seeks the recommendations regarding the CIP from both the Planning and Zoning Commission and Finance Committee in March before returning to the City Council in April for the possible adoption of the CIP.

  • December-January: Input is collected from residents, elected & appointed officials, and City staff.
  • February: City staff prepare the draft CIP and submit the draft CIP to the City Council.
  • March: The Planning & Zoning Commission and Finance Committee review the draft CIP and make recommendations. The City Council holds work sessions to review the draft CIP.
  • April: A public hearing is held regarding the proposed CIP, followed by possible adoption by the City Council.

For more information, please contact Jim Heines, Director of Public Works, at or 314-872-2538.