Is there a cost involved?
The City does not charge a fee; however, a hunting license and deer tags must be purchased through the state.

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1. Does the city provide a list of bow hunters for residents?
2. How do I get permission to hunt?
3. Is there a cost involved?
4. Is the bow hunter required to carry identification from the City that shows they have valid permission to hunt?
5. What are the dates for bow hunting season?
6. What do I do if someone is bow hunting on my property without my permission?
7. Will the city provide a list of interested property owners to bow hunters?
8. What if, as a contiguous property owner, I do not want bow hunting to take place on the property next door?
9. Do I need to notify the city each time there is a hunt on my property?
10. The ordinance says the hunt cannot take place closer than 150 yards from a church, school or playground. Are there any exceptions?