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Green Business Certification Application

  1. The Creve Coeur Energy and Environment Committee (EEC) will use the following sustainability practices when evaluating applicants. Applicants that demonstrate they have incorporated at least three (3) of these practices into their facilities and/or operations in a meaningful way will normally be approved for certification. The EEC will consider other sustainability practices that are described and documented by the applicant.
  2. Sustainability Practices*
    Please select at least three (3) sustainability practices from the list below that your business has incorporated.
  3. In the spaces below, please list and describe how your organization has incorporated at least three of the above sustainability practices into its facilities and/or operations. Please describe the documentation you have verifying the extent to which the practices are used and their impact on your organization. A site visit and inspection of documentation will usually be part of the certification process.
  4. Please feel free to attach or send separately any other supporting information.
  5. Contact Information

    If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Bradford, Public Information Officer, at

    Thank you for helping to make Creve Coeur a more sustainable community.

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