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Police Department Forms

  1. AARP Driver Safety Class Registration
  2. Advanced Citizen Police Academy Sign Up
  3. CERT Training Application
  4. Creve Coeur Police Department Camera Registry

    If you would like to register your security camera system and allow officers to contact you should a crime occur in or near where your... More…

  5. Neighborhood Watch Sign Up
  6. Personal Safety Presentation Sign-Up
  7. Residential and Property Safety Class Sign-Up
  8. Traffic Problem Notification Form

    For an immediate police response, call (314) 737-4600. In an emergency call 9-1-1. If you have a traffic complaint and would like a... More…

  1. Active Shooter Defense Class
  2. CERT - Update Your Contact Information
  3. Citizen Police Academy Sign Up
  4. Identity Theft Prevention Class
  5. Out of Town - Vacation Check Sign Up

    Are you going out of town? Why not ask the Creve Coeur Police Department to periodically check on your property while you are away?... More…

  6. Rape Aggression Defense Class Registration
  7. Residential Security Home Assessment