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Creve Coeur Police Department Camera Registry

  1. Registering your Security Camera
    The Creve Coeur Police Department asks for your assistance in solving crime by taking part in our camera registry program. The goal of the program is that, when a crime occurs, officers can check the registry to see if there were any area cameras that might have captured activity involved with a crime, such as a getaway car or the direction that a suspect was headed. Through the program, the Creve Coeur Police Department would be able to contact you directly with the time and location a crime occurred and it would be at your discretion on whether to forward surveillance or not unless under the direction of a court-ordered subpoena. Registration is voluntary and there is no cost associated with registration. Registering your information does not provide the Creve Coeur Police Department with direct access to you camera.
  2. Changes to the Registry
    If you have registered your camera on previous platforms (Crime Reports, City Protect, or contact with the Crime Prevention Office), there is no need to re-register. If you would like your name removed from the camera registry, you can contact the Crime Prevention Office at 314-442-2075 or via email at
  3. Terms and Conditions
    The information you provide regarding your camera systems will be for official use only. Your personal information will remain confidential and not be distributed except as required by law or court order. This program is entirely voluntary and you can withdraw consent to view video footage from your camera system at any time. If necessary, the Creve Coeur Police Department will contact you directly, using the information provided by you at the time of registration, to request the appropriate video surveillance footage. Any footage containing or related to criminal activity collected by the Creve Coeur Police Department may be used as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding. Registrants in the program remain independent of and are not agents, partners, representatives or employees of the City of Creve Coeur or its Police Department.
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