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Out of Town - Vacation Check Sign Up

  1. Your Contact Info
  2. Date of Vacation
  3. Premise Information
  4. Is there an alarm system on the premise?*
  5. Will any lights be left on or be on a timer?*
  6. Have you stopped your mail and/or newspaper delivery*
  7. Are you leaving any vehicles on your premise?*
    (Do not include those parked in closed garages)
  8. Will there be anyone else in the home or property?*
    (for example a neighbor, landscaper, someone to water plants, etc.)
  9. Key Holder Contact Information
  10. Additional Information
  11. By completing this form, you grant the Creve Coeur Police Department permission to enter your home or premises upon exigent circumstances, emergencies, signs of a break in or an unsecured door/window during the period of your requested vacation check.
  12. For more information, contact the Crime Prevention Office at (314) 442-2075.
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