Do you have a stormwater concern that you would like the City to investigate?  If so, please contact the Department of Public Works at (314) 872-2533, or fill out an online service request form by clicking here.

Stormwater Master Plan

The Stormwater Committee updated the city's Stormwater Master Plan which was adopted on December 10, 2012, by the City Council. All documents are available at the Government Center. For questions, please contact Jim Heines, Director of Public Works, at (314) 872-2533.

Stormwater Tips

Stormwater management involves planning and accounting for how rain acts once it lands. The city encourages its residents to incorporate good stormwater management practices into their property maintenance and improvement projects.

To this end, the city’s Stormwater Committee has compiled stormwater management advice for homeowners.

Property Maintenance
  • Make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly.
  • Direct downspouts away from your home’s foundation so that stormwater flows away from your home.
Vegetation and Trees
  • Add compost to landscape areas to promote plant roots and water soaking into the ground.
  • Consider native grasses and plants that have extensive root systems.
  • Add trees to your yard to provide a canopy over paved surfaces.  This will provide shade, will spread out rain, and will promote stormwater infiltration and evaporation.
  • Add a rain garden or a bio swale to help soak up stormwater and limit runoff.
  • Add a rain barrel to one of your downspouts to collect stormwater for watering plants.
Improvement Projects
  • Consider making new pathways, parking areas, or driveways out of permeable pavers so that some of the rain that hits these surfaces will soak into the ground.
  • Landscaping professionals, landscape architects, and engineers can provide advice and designs for how your project can manage stormwater through grading, plantings, and best-management practices.
  • Several local and state agencies provide guidance for stormwater management on their websites:
The Stormwater Committee welcomes attendance at its meetings, where residents can discuss their concerns and seek advice from the Committee. The Stormwater Committee meets every other month. The city’s meeting calendar can be found here.